VWTech VW898 Dash cam

The VW898 dashboard digicam is manufactured via the chinese organisation VWTech (Shenzhen XinKeZhan Eletronics). The VW898 is a small, screenless dash cam / movement cam just like the Mobius, Innovv C1 and DIMIKA. The camera statistics 1080p at 30f/s. The VW898 is primarily based on the Alpha Imaging technology AIT8427D Processor and the OmniVision OV2710-1E CMOS sensor. Bit price is approximately 12Mbps. Video nice in the course of the day is right and night is common. universal performs a piece worse from a video angle than the Mobius however it is priced $10 cheaper.

The VW898 is also very small at fifty five x 35 x 22mm, but it’s far a bit thicker than the Mobius. It comes in white or black, however for a more discreet installation, black is the shade of desire. The camera does not come with GPS or G-sensor.

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There are a couple drawbacks with this digicam. like the Innovv cameras, the VW898 uses an 8-pin proprietary USB cable which will be tough to locate if you are searching out a substitute cable or a longer cable. The Innovv cable and the VW898 cables are same.

the second one downside is that their isn’t any configuration software available. All settings need to be made thru a usercfg.txt file and uploaded to the camera. whilst no longer too tough a task, this might be a bit overwhelming for individuals who aren’t tech savvy. here is a screenshot of the available options to configure the digital camera.


Need to I buy?

In those small, screenless sprint cams, the Mobius has been the chief for quite a while now. even as the VW898 is a stable camera, video nice isn’t always as appropriate because the Mobius. additionally the Mobius has a bigger support community of users given the lots that have been bought and additionally makes use of a popular USB cable.

typical, the Mobius is a slightly better purchase however if you are looking at saving a few dollars, the VW898 may be a consideration.best dash camWhere in to buy for lowest price

even as the digicam fees about $60, you’ll want to buy a car charger cable, adapter and a mount in case you would like to use this as a dash cam. you can purchase at the subsequent websites:

Amazon.com (Black version)
Amazon.com (White version)
The add-ons to apply as a sprint cam:

From Amazon: Charging Cable, Charging Adapter and Suction Mount

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