Experts in the translation of official documents in any format.

The use of documents in today’s society is an element of fundamental importance to our system of communication. They form the basis of our economy, education systems, Governments and even of everyday life.

Therefore, one of our rush services is translating any kind of documentation. The Translation Agency has experience in translation of all kinds of electronic and paper documents, including:

  •     Medical records;
  •     Marketing brochures;
  •     Government documents;
  •     Judicial decisions;
  •     Technical manuals;
  •     Educational material;
  •     Legal texts;
  •     Lyrics websites;
  •     E-mail;
  •     File;
  •     PDF;
  •     Information about the software;
  •     Books;
  •     Advertising;
  •     Public notices;
  •     Non-profit lyrics;
  •     Financial information;
  •     Licenses;
  •     Divorce judgments;
  •     Birth certificates;
  •     Certificates of residence;
  •     Diplomas;
  •     Security alerts;
  •     Pharmaceutical materials.

Experts in all types of documentation

Depending on the type of documentation, Will assign document translators with experience in the field that matches the needs of the project. Your final translation will present the correct terminology, and then transmit the original content, tailored to your target audience in the most efficient manner.

Whether your document concerns a legal or technical, is that it contains terms of aerospace engineering, Has the right experience in translations of official documents relating to any specific area of expertise. In addition, can offer a pdf translation of the highest level.

Document translation languages

Our Chinese document translation services have extensive experience in work in languages like Italian, Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, German, in addition to the ability to produce translations multilingual.

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